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Why Attend

WHY ATTEND The Maritime Standard Ship Finance & Trade Conference?

The Maritime Standard Ship Finance & Trade Conference organised by The Maritime Standard offers so many benefits that you really should be making time for them. Here are some of the main reasons you will gain if you attend a TMS conference:-

Stay at the cutting edge

The Maritime Standard Ship Finance & Trade Conference ensure you stay at the cutting edge of the shipping industry. Hearing case studies from major players, watching tip-filled talks and getting a glimpse into how competitors operate are all reasons to attend The Maritime Standard Ship Finance & Trade Conference. Keynote presentations offer valuable learning opportunities. And seeing someone share their story in person can drive a message home in a way that is different to reading an article. The result of attending this conference is that you go back to base with fresh ideas and approaches that make you more effective and efficient at work.

Meet experts in person

The Maritime Standard Ship Finance & Trade Conference offers a chance to meet key people that can positively influence your business, sharing the same space. Take the chance to have coffee with a potential customer, share a business idea and get an opinion from an industry expert or make a connection that might lead to you finding your next business partner. You will find top executives and policy makers within the shipping industry at TMS Ship Finance & Trade conference. Attending will give you the opportunity to connect with them in person.

Networking opportunities

The Maritime Standard Ship Finance & Trade Conference provide plenty of chances for attendees to network, form new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Get some one-to-one time over registration, coffee breaks, lunch or cocktails. At the conference sessions you may find yourself sitting next to potential customers or generating leads. The possibilities for networking are endless. In your absence, you can be sure that your competitors will be taking full advantage.

In a new space

It’s easy to find ourselves in a rut. Sitting in the same chair, in the same office can keep us from fresh thinking and new ideas. Breaking out of the office, sitting at a TMS conference surrounded by key decision makers and high-level opinion formers within the maritime industry can spark new approaches that will help grow your businesses.

Tapping into the energy of like-minded individuals

There is nothing like being in a room of people who, like you, are willing to take time away from the office to learn something new. When you sit in a TMS conference, you will quickly discover that you are not alone in wanting to improve your skills and bring something back to your office or organisation.

Invest in yourself

Recognising that you still have things to learn, and can get better, is an important step towards career development. So attending a TMS conference is an investment in yourself, as well as your company. When you purchase a TMS conference delegate pass, you are investing in personal growth.

Learn from the best

The speakers at TMS conference are not just industry leaders with years of experience and deep insights into the shipping industry. They are also engaging, inspiring thinkers who are passionate about sharing what they have learned and helping others enhance their skills. At a TMS conference, the speakers don’t just present what is happening right now. They also look ahead to what is around the corner. These forward-looking insights from the best in the business will help you plan future strategies.

Share what you learn

We send all delegates copies of all the speaker slides. So as well as keeping them as a permanent record, you can use them to pass on what you learned to the rest of your team.

Have fun

Being in business should be rewarding and fun. TMS conference add a layer of enjoyment to managing your career growth by mixing in a social aspect with learning. Never underestimate the power of a little fun mixed with some interesting people! TMS conference provide a unique convergence of networking, learning, and fun in a single package.

Next steps

Sign up now and attend this year’s high profile and thought-provoking The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference!

Ksenia ZudinovaKsenia ZudinovaExecutive Director,
Emirates Zone
It was a pleasure to see that the most important people from the industry were here. It was a very good networking event, allowing us to meet new people. This is very important for us and our clients.
Waleed Al tamimiWaleed Al tamimiGeneral Manager,
Emirates Clasification Society (TASNEEF)
This is the first time I have attended the conference and I was very impressed with the quality level of the attendees and speakers and also the size of the room that allowed so many people to participate today. There were a lot of excellent speakers who gave us a good picture about getting the right finance for your business, which was useful.
Andrew SimmonsAndrew SimmonsCEO,
Global Marine Transport Capital LLC
It was a great conference. There was lots of very interesting stuff and, having spent 8 years living in the UAE in the past, it was fascinating to see how things continue to develop here.
Capt. S. R. PatnaikCapt. S. R. PatnaikCEO,
International Shipping & Logistics
It was really interesting to hear how the industry is looking at the IMO 2020 issues, who is going to have sulphur scrubbers fitted and what are the pros and cons. We are just getting into shipowning so the discussion will help us plan our strategy.Overall, I found it most interesting and informative.
Tien TaiTien TaiPartner,
The value of the conference is the fact that it provides a platform for dialogue. You meet bankers, owners, third party suppliers, legal advisers and restructuring specialists, and everybody can come and discuss the ecosystem in which we will operate.
Fazel A. FazelbhoyFazel A. FazelbhoyCEO,
Synergy Offshore
The One Belt One Road discussion evoked a lot of reactions. Clearly there are some very positive aspects, but there is also a downside and some risks involved. I was glad that the audience and the panelists were actually engaging in this topic and debating what are the potential issues involved. TMS always does a wonderful job of rounding up the creme de la creme of the industry, so it was great to be there.
Flemming JensenFlemming JensenCEO,
DTA Ship Agency
A particularly fresh element of the agenda was the fact you had Hyperloop giving us a presentation showing us what the future is going to bring. This demonstrated very clearly that you get onboard or you get left behind.
Bora BarimanBora BarimanHead of the Energy & Marine segment,
National Bank of Fujairah
What I enjoyed about this event was the fact that the panels brought together quite unique viewpoints. The panels comprised bankers, management consultants, vessel operators, engineers and law firms, for example, and this really lent itself to a very rich discussion that examined problems from all perspectives.
Ali ShehabAli ShehabActing CEO,
Kuwait Oil Tanker Company
This is the fourth event that has been held in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and this is an important milestone. It's important also to see the support of the UAE authorities, like Abu Dhabi Ports, and other stakeholders to make this event successful.
Giovanni MoscatelliGiovanni MoscatelliPartner & Managing Director,
The Boston Consulting Group
The takeaway for me was that now ship finance is not an isolated sector, but one where there is a willingness to gather together operators, ports, regulators, ship finance and the banks together into a system. Otherwise it will be very difficult to face the future.
Jesper KjaedegaardJesper KjaedegaardPartner,
Mercator International
We heard that lending institutions are looking at the future slightly more positively perhaps than they were a couple of years ago. The session on ship finance was very upbeat; perhaps not quite full steam ahead yet, but I would say the wheels are running again in the industry. This is an event that is extremely valuable to this region because it's probably the only chance where we can all get together in one room - financial people, ship owners and fund managers - which is very important.
Bobby VargheseBobby VargheseVice President- Financial Strategy,
Abu Dhabi Ports
It was good to hear people talking about the challenges faced by the shipping industry and at the same time what sources of finance are possible. Different options were discussed, but there still seems to be a gap between the positivity that is there in the shipping market and the fact that banks and various financing organisations are not really geared up to snap up that positivity.
Michael SavvaMichael SavvaPartner,
Watson Farley Williams
I always enjoy coming to this conference and it's great to see the main industry players in the region both on the financing side and the owner's side. It was also extremely pleasant to hear more positive sentiments about the market this year than previously.
Pawan SahniPawan SahniManager Business Development – Middle East,
This was my first time at the Ship Finance and Trade Conference, and it was very impressive. The number of delegates who have come in, with people from across the industry, made it very valuable. All the sessions were really good with great questions from the audience as well.
Eduardo FonsecaEduardo FonsecaAmbassador
of the Republic of Panama to UAE
TMS events provide a space where you can engage and speak about issues outside of work and create those relationships which are really vital in the region. That's the best value added that TMS conferences have. Having the thought leaders driving change and growth here and in one venue is immensely valuable.
Vivek SethVivek SethMD,
Midgulf Projects & Services
I found the presentations to be extremely stimulating. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the Hyperloop and how this could be a major disruptor in logistics going forward.The benefit of being here is getting to know what new is happening in the market, getting to meet new people and sharing similar and dissimilar ideas, because that's what stimulates a good discussion.
Capt. Zarir IraniCapt. Zarir IraniMD,
Constellation Marine Services
I liked the diversity of the Ship Finance and Trade Conference, with information for example about Sri Lanka, India and Abu Dhabi all on the agenda. The content was brilliant and was kept nice and tight. I really enjoyed all the presentations.

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