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Featured Speakers Year 2015

Event Overview

The Maritime Standard Ship Finance and Trade Conference will be held at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort on 14th November this year. The 2015 Ship Finance and Trade Conference was hugely successful, bringing together experts from the fields of shipping, ports, banking, finance, trade and maritime law, among others, to discuss and debate the key issues and trends facing the market in the Middle East and Subcontinent. They willingly shared their insights and knowledge through a series of presentations and panel discussions, signposting the way forward, and identifying the key challenges as well as the significant opportunities that exist in this part of the world.

For 2016 also a high level list of keynote speakers is being lined up, including some of the most influential personalities in the business, as well as senior executives with many years’ experience in their chosen fields. Conference sessions will deal with a number of themes including regional trade patterns, ship finance and ports and shipping. The event will be rounded off by presentations regarding specific case studies illustrating how the financial sector has helped unlock the potential of regional shipping and ports operators to the benefit of trade and economic growth. Based on the very positive experience of the inaugural event, which was hailed as a major triumph, by attendees and speakers alike, the conference will be extremely high profile and informative, with extensive opportunities for networking.


Key Highlights

  • High level conference on 14 November focused on regional shipping and trade to address evolving trends evident in the shipping finance and investment sector, as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead
  • Keynote address by the region’s most prominent business leaders across different fields in shipping to provide insights into the full spectrum of the industry’s trade and finance
  • Real-life case studies on how the finance sector has helped unlock the potential of the regional shipping and maritime sector to the benefit of trade, key deals that have been made

Why Attend

Attending the conference provides shipping and trade professionals the opportunity to create dialogue with key decision makers representing the biggest names in the industry.

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